Starting over…

This is the new version of the blog, with new content and new focus. Now this is a place for my thoughts and work on topics I research. Also I will write some useful stuff on these subjects as well. My intent is not to write full tutorials of everything, but somethings will deserve a good tutorial of course. In most of times, some skill will need to understand some articles here but I will warn about this if needed.

As I am moving things on here, changing the focus and even changing the language of blog, I will make a brief of myself here. I am a fox with a mind which don’t stop thinking. So I work on many things at the same time trying to understand the world, well, most part of it. My focus is for geek stuffs, so I am fascinated about technology and science. Since I was a little, I work with computers so I always stay inside this world. Ok, I’m not a fox in real, you can read a full description of myself at the About page. But let’s consider myself as the Geek Fox, right? More precisely, Mr. Geek Fox.  I’m interested in many things, but to reach some focus here (something I don’t have a good control), I will restrain on some topics.

First of all is Artificial Intelligence. This topic takes my attention since my childhood and I always try to learn something about it. It takes a long time to learn something useful about it but I made it someday (I remember the first day I read about neural networks and see the computational representation of a neuron, in the time I don’t understand anything, neither what an activation function was, but it was fun play with it). Now, I’m trying to make this knowledge useful for something.

Internet of Things, it is a famous topic now, but for me is a little old. I start learning about it in middle of 2010, and in that time I already know the topic is already in the mainstream on engineers and hobbyists. I am a garage engineer wannabe for a long time, but I stop to do things for some years. Now I started to play around with some stuffs again.

Game development is one of my jobs now. I have my main job but I have my game project to develop. This project will have your own blog and site, so here I will post eventually some good stuffs about the subject. Also, sometimes I will tell one thing or other about my game project until the blog and site don’t get ready.

And finally, technology and other geek stuffs. As a geek, I love technology and science, so I will post my analysis on discovers of science eventually, as well good stuffs from new technologies.

That’s it fellow folks! See you around here, or on Facebook (you can get there by clicking on top of the page)