Hello IoT World: Using IBM Watson IoT Platform with TI SimpleLink SensorTag

Hello folks! Today I will introduce you into the Internet of Things world. I am walking around a while on the beginning of the IoT thing since I was a hobbyist, but only in 2010 to 2012 I could access real Ethernet ready devices. The problem was much of the Internet part must to be done by ourselves, not having a good and reliable service to get the data. In that time, I worked with Arduino, so I was very limited with how can I collect and send those data through the cloud. Today, with more powerful and small processors, much more embedded solutions arrived to the hands of hobbyists and enthusiasts. Even Arduino has boards with powerful ARM processors nowadays. Now, with small board computers like Raspberry PI and Beaglebone Black, we have an entire computer on the palm of a hand.

And with all these new toys, the IoT world started to run and go around. Small applications such using a connected and embedded device to control your home over Internet became now bigger applications such industrial monitoring as an example. Good projects are all around to get data from devices, provide organized data for analytics, and so one. These kind of projects grows every day. Not only software is being built but new simple hardware is also being built also. Simple devices, already made to connect into smartphones, or made to connect directly into cloud to transmit data are available on the market, making the IoT world even bigger.

Today I will present two of those new stuffs. One is a new hardware from Texas Instrument, the SimpleLink SensorTag. Texas Instrument is known to build processors, sensors and a plethora of electronic hardware parts for industry, but it is also known to sell great developer kits to spread their technology across the world. They support the BeagleBoard project and sold cool kits like the old Metawatch development kit, one of the first smartwatch ever made and available for programming.

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